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Express Resume Service FAQ's
Here is what consultants have to say
Q: Who will benefit from the Express Resume Service?
A: Everyone who wants to reach out to the hundreds of placement consultants all over India and be proactive in their career advancement.
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Q: How does it help me?
A: By sending your resume to more than 1400 placement consultants you are enhancing your job prospects and exposing yourself to the jobs, which do not get advertised anywhere.
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Q: Who do you send my resume to?
A: Only third party Recruiters, placement consultants and search firms. Currently we have a database of over 1400 such recruitment firms and consultants. They range in size from the individual specialised practitioners to the large national and international firms. These placement consultants and recruitment firms are located all over India, including the metros and major cities.
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Q: What happens after my resume is received by these placement consultants?
A: Recruiters are most often headhunting, i.e. finding the right people for the right job. The moment your resume reaches them, they will check their pool of jobs and match your resume against it. Once they find the job that fits your requirement or vice-versa they will get in touch with you either via email or telephone. Hence it is essential that
you update your resume with all the current contact details before sending it out.
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Q: After I send my resume, within how many days will the recruiter receive it?
A: From the time we receive your resume, and the payment is realised, it will take a maximum of 5 days for your resume to reach the recruiter.
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Q: How do I know these Recruiters have received my resume?
A: The moment your payment has been realised, a mail will be sent to you intimating you that the payment has been received and that your resume has been sent to these 1400 Recruiters and placement consultants.
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Q: I'm a fresh graduate do you have Recruiters who work with people like me?
A: Yes, many of the Recruiters in our database are looking for resumes of fresh graduates whether for the IT enabled services or other positions that require fresh graduates in various sectors. However, your results will not be as strong as someone with three years work experience, until you are open to an opportunity with a Call Centre.
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Q: I don't have my resume ready now?
A: If you do not have your resume handy now, you have the option of sending the hard copy of your resume, along with the cheque to Express Resume Service, 8-2-316/A/6, Road No 14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. We will convert your resume into a word document and send it to the recruiters and placement consultants. You will also receive an intimation that the resume has been sent.
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Q: How can I use My Jobsahead resume to sign-up for this service?
A: Presently, the system does not provide for you to send your resume directly through your My Jobsahead account. However, you can copy and paste you're Jobsahead resume contents into the text-box provided in the Express Resume Service page.
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If you have more queries that have not been answered here please post it on the info@jobsahead.com

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